Regional Unit of Arta

The Regional Unit of Arta is the southeastern edge of Epirus. 70% of its mountainous terrain are harmoniously elevated mountain peaks with countless spring waters, plains, rivers such as Arachthos, Louros and Acheloos, fertile valleys with citrus crops, while the wetland of Amvrakikos is the seaside. In between all the above are villages and towns built in the past centuries by Artinians who learned how to live with Nature, worship and respect it.


The city of Arta is the capital of the Regional Unit of Arta, a city built on the ruins of glorious Ancient Amvrakia, monuments of which can still be found today in the city center. The famous stone bridge of Arta, the Monastery of Parigoritissa, as well as Skoufa Street with its market are some of the many attractions of the city. Make Arta your first stop on your road trip around the area!


Of the 30 villages in the Tzoumerka mountains, most belong to Arta. Vourgareli in the southern part of the mountain range, built at 800m near Acheloos, has one of the most picturesque squares and stunning views to the steep slopes. Melissourgi is another favorite village for every visitor, while Agnanda is a capital village of Tzoumerka, with many running waters that gush directly from mountain springs such as Krya Vrysi, Goura and Karoula. Theodoriana is the village with the most spring waters in Greece and one of the most significant villages in eastern Tzoumerka.


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