Ioannina has a tremendous wealth of religious monuments to show, with Byzantine churches, monasteries, convents and chapels attracting large crowds of the faithful from all over Greece and Europe.

The area has been a meeting place of religions over the years and has strong religious traditions.

The largest wave of religious tourism has as its focus the seven monasteries on the island of Ioannina, which variously date back somewhere between the 13th and 17th centuries.

Tourists flock to the monasteries to learn about their history, architecture and current situation. There is also of course the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, along with the many and varied gastronomic experiences that are offered in abundance.

Popular destinations are the Monasteries of Ntourachani and Kastritsas in the Ioannina basin region, which have managed to remain steadfastly unchanged over time.

Our recommendation: The monasteries of Vella and Sossinou in Pogoni are well worth a visit. The latter dates from 1598, and is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin.

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