The Regional Unit Ioannina is of great significance in terms of religious trips, with the city of Ioannina as the capital of Epirus and the most important political, administrative and economic center has always been the center of attraction.


Byzantine buildings such as the Archimandrite, the Cathedral of St. Athanassios, as well as the church of Ag. Georgios, the patron saint of the city of Ioannina, are just a few of the temples that you will find within the city center and are perfectly combined with your walk around the old town. Add to the above the Kaal Santos Yasan Jewish synagogue, as well as the Fethiye Mosque within the walls of Ioannina Castle.


There are several monasteries on the Ioannina Island, with the most impressive being the Monastery of Ayios Nikolaos of Philanthropines, built in the 13th century with frescoes of exceptional beauty depicting elements of ancient Greek history and literature, as well as a “secret school”, where Greek was secretly taught during the Ottoman rule, overlooking Lake Pamvotida.


More, equally impressive Byzantine buildings and temples await outside of the city. In the village of Matsouki you will find the famous Monastery of Vyliza, which took its name from the Latin “vigilo”, meaning “to guard”. Indeed, in previous centuries there was a fortress on that same location. At the top of a hill in Elliniko you will witness one of the most sacred spots, the Monastery of Tsouka with its golden altar and the breathtaking view to the Gorge of Arachthos, while in Kalarrytes, on a rocky and steep slope right above river Kalarriotikos lies one of the the most emblematic monasteries in all Greece, the Monastery of Kipina.


On your way to Metsovo, next to river Metsovitikos you will come across the Monastery of Ag. Nikolaou which was destroyed and repaired many times along the course of its existence. Finally, a landowner by the name of Avelis had built the catholic-styled abbey that survives until today and is housed within the Abel 

Monastery near the village of Bessani.

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