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Arachthos River

Arachthos is one of the most impressive rivers in Epirus and the eighth largest in Greece! It stems from Mt. Mavrovouni near Metsovo, it crosses gorges of untamed beauty, with Tzoumerka on one side and Xirovouni on the other, till the artificial lake of Pournari. From this point, the flow of the river is reduced till it joins the Amvrakikos Gulf, forming unique lagoons along the way (Logaros, Rhodia and Tsoukalio) which are part of the particularly important protected area of the Amvrakikos Wetlands. To the north, the Northern Pindos National Park begins, which is included in the National Park of Tzoumerka, Peristeri and the Arachthos Gorge. In ancient times, Arachthos was known as Inachos, while from 1881 to 1912, it was the natural border between Greece and Turkey. What makes Arachtos stand out is that along the river we encounter 55 stone bridges, the most famous of which is Plaka Bridge, the largest single-arched bridge in the Balkans, and the legendary Bridge of Arta. The total length of the river is 150 km, with the length of the main river reaching 110 km. Kallarytikos, Metsovitikos, Melissourgiotikos and Vardas are the most important tributaries of Arachthos. The imposing Klifki waterfall is one the most captivating landscapes that one encounters in the narrow Arachthos gorge with its 700m high steep slopes, the waters of which form a beautiful lake, with dozens of springs with crystal clear water gushing from the rocks. 

Arachthos is covered by large riparian forests for the most part, with willows, poplars, plane trees, alders, maple trees and red horse chestnuts, while at higher elevations, we find fir forests.

Arachthos is the ideal choice for rafting and canoe kayak descents.


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