Cities, Towns & Villages

The cities of Epirus are rapidly developing urban centers; the region has a new, modern road network, two airports, in Ioannina and Aktion; a of European-standard harbour at Igoumenitsa; three modern hospitals in Ioannina, Preveza, and Arta; and state-of-the-art development companies and businesses. Visitors can travel around quickly and easily, enjoy comfortable accommodation, engage in a multitude of interesting activities, enjoy a variety of entertainment, or just have a fun time. All manner of experiences await, there is an endless variety of places to choose from at any time of day.

Due to its rich cultural heritage, the preservation of its architectural style, its traditional settlements, and the historic centers of its cities and towns serve to significantly highlight its historical past. At the same time, the particularities of many features of those buildings are a reflection of the climate, the economy, and the nature of the landscape of each region, criteria on which the choice of location, the materials, and the architectural characteristics of the buildings depend.

Aside from the modern buildings and facilities of the big towns, or even the smaller ones such as Konitsa, Parga, Metsovo, Voulgareli, and Paramythia, visitors cannot help but admire the villages, especially the mountain villages in Zagori, where stone and wood are the preferred building materials, with their traditional springs and cobbled paths, and also the famous bridges such as those of Arta and the Plaka Bridge at Tzoumerka, as well as the Theogefyro and the Kalogeriko, and the bridges at Konitsa, Noutso and Vovousa. Even in the historic centres of the towns you will find stone-built houses, many of them large mansion houses and other buildings constructed in the traditional architectural style, which today house museums, exhibitions, and restaurants, or have been turned into attractive destinations for alternative tourism.

Epirus also fulfills all the necessary prerequisites for convention and event tourism. Large luxury hotels, as well as smaller, more traditional ones, are available, fully equipped and well-organised, making ideal venues for events and conventions not only in the large towns, but in the smaller ones too. Attendees and those accompanying them can take advantage of the warm hospitality, and enjoy the opportunity to visit other places of interest in their free time.


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