New Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis New Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

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New Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

The new Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis, occupying a total area of 2,150 sq.m., is located at the entrance to the city of Preveza. It includes two main exhibition rooms, a multi-purpose hall, administration offices, conservation laboratories, storage facilities, public service areas (ticket office, shop, refreshment stand) and a guest house.

The Museum’s exhibition exclusively hosts findings from excavations at the archaeological site of Nikopolis and not a collection of findings from the wider region, which defines to a large extent the core concept of the exhibition. Therefore, one of the key factors is the connection of the Exhibition and the Museum with the archaeological site of Nikopolis. The image of the site is constantly in the mind of the visitor, as a full understanding of the exhibition is achieved, regardless of whether the visit to the archaeological site preceded or followed. The connection between the Museum, the archaeological site and the monuments is made in the reception area of the Museum as well as in parts of the Exhibition with audio-visual material.

In this regard, the prominent Roman Nikopolis is projected as the city-symbol of a glorious victory, founded to display the power of Octavian Augustus. At the same time, the Early Christian city is presented, which changed with the collapse of the Roman frontiers, the relocation of the capital of the Empire from the West to the East and the establishment of Christianity, it was restructured during the early Christian period and reclaimed its splendor, forming a crucial religious and administrative center.


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