Panagia Chrysospilaiotissa Panagia Chrysospilaiotissa

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Panagia Chrysospilaiotissa

The Convent of Panagia, dedicated to the Nativity of the Theotokos, is located to a short distance from the village of Gouriana.

It got the name Chrysospiliotissa from the cave near which it was built, where, tradition has it, a golden icon of Panagia was found.

According to an inscription, the present church was renovated in 1663.

It is built in the architectural style known as “athonitikos” (three bays, i.e. three-sided conches). The narthex is a later addition.

The frescoes inside the church date back to 1801.

Quite remarkable is the wooden iconostasis with a beautiful floral decoration interwined with evangelical scenes and representations of animals and birds The icons of the iconostasis date back to the 19th century.

Of particular interest are two old stone fountains that are close to the church and offer water to the pilgrims and visitors of this important monastery.


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