Hiking across Tzoumerka Hiking at Tzoumerka

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Hiking across Tzoumerka

Tzoumerka can be accessed by driving to any of the many villages that surround the high mountains. The two main points of entry are from Arta to the south and Ioannina in the north. From both cities the mountain can be reached in roughly 1 hours and 30 minutes, depending on which village you want to visit. The most famous towns are Kataraxtis, Kipseli, Pramanta, Melisourgi, Drosopigi, Agnanta and Sirako. The town of Kataraxtis affords the best access to Katafiyi, the highest peak as there is a access road that leads nearly to the top of the mountain. From Ioannina head south on highway E-951 until the signs for the town of Bafra are seen. Exit for Bafra heading east and follow the signs until you reach the town of your choice. It is fairly easy to follow directionsas the mountains tower in the easterly direction. From Arta, take highway 30 north following the signs for Drossopigi.

In winter the mountain roads can be especially dangerous as snowplows do not operate often and most of the villages are uninhabited.


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