Food & Drinks

Epirus is a land blessed with a great abundance and variety of natural produce. One of its principal commodities, water, springs from the earth pure and plentiful, and is bottled right at the source from natural springs. Because of its exceptional quality, it is exported worldwide. From its mountain areas with their fine local meat produced from free-range animals, dairy products, cheeses, handmade pasta, wines, and the pomace brandy or tsipouro, to the lowlands and coastal areas with their fruit, vegetables, herbs, olives, olive oil, and of course the fish, each region is a reflection of the way in which its local inhabitants make their living.

This authentic locally-sourced produce forms the basis for recipes, which, though simple, reflect the grandeur of traditional Epirote cuisine and offer unique gastronomic pleasures. Elegant dishes, made with pure and natural local ingredients, with original flavours that will transport you to the four corners of Epirus.

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