Suggested Routes

Once you decide to visit the region of Epirus, taking one of the hiking trails cannot be left off the list of things you hope to taste, see, or do. And the trademark experience of the region is none other than crossing the Vikos Gorge.

Vikos Gorge is part of the Vikos-Aoos National Park, or the Great Peaks Park as it is sometimes referred to, which holds an area of 122,250 square meters of extremely rare and fragile ecosystem under its protection. The gorge is breathtaking, holding a special place in the Guinness Book of Records, since it is the deepest gorge in the world in proportion to its width!

 Access to the Zagoria region is easy, whether you are holidaying in the Zagoria villages, or in any city or village of Epirus, since you don’t need more than a couple of hours to get to the beautiful stone villages ‘behind the mountain’. Take the old Ioannina – Kozani National Road out of the city of Ioannina and at the village of Metamorphosi, you can leave the motorway to the right and head for Monodendri, or you can continue for a few kilometers more until you pass the village of Kalpaki, then again turn right and follow the Kalpaki – Aristi road.

There are a number of companies involved in this type of mountain hiking activity, which employ highly trained guides who are able to lead you safely along this beautiful route.It takes almost 7 hours of patient hiking to complete the route, which is approximately 12 km long. It is a very beautiful journey, the gorge is a haven for hundreds of rare plants and animals, the sights and the experience are unforgettable! At the end of the journey, the villages of Zagoria generously offer their hospitality, either for an overnight stay or just to taste the excellent local cuisine, including beautifully-roasted meat, handmade pies, dairy products, and plenty of local tsipouro (pomace brandy).

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