A classic tourist destination in Ioannina is the archaeological museum, which has finds from the four prefectures on display. The building houses well-organised exhibits with a history dating back many centuries.

Many of the findings from Epirus are to be found in the local Byzantine Museum, which was built on the ruins of Ali Pasha’s seraglio (women’s living quarters) and was opened to the public about 20 years ago. Here you can see finds from the early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods.

The Municipal Gallery is housed in the Pyrsinela neoclassical building which was completed in 1890. It contains works by some of the greatest Greek painters and sculptors.

The ancient theatre of Dodona is one of the largest and most important ancient theatres in the country. It was originally built in the 3rd century BCE during the reign of King Pyrrhus and was demolished and rebuilt twice.

The Museum of the Pre-Revolutionary Period, House Matei Hussein, the Ottoman Mosque Veli Pasha, the Ottoman Library and theFotis Rapakousis Museum are a few more of the places worth visiting in Ioannina.

Major attractions within the castle walls are the Its Kale citadel and the Aslan Pasha mosque. In the first you can see the famous tomb of Ali Pasha, popular with tourists, while Aslan Pasha mosque houses the Municipal Museum with important Greek, Jewish and Muslim exhibits.

Our recommendation:

A bike ride along the cycle track in the old castle, which will give you a view of all the main attractions the city has to offer.

– The Kahal Kadosh Yashan Synagogue or Inner Synagogue, which is in the city castle, on Ioustinianou Street. The synagogue, built in 1826, is the largest and most beautiful of the surviving religious buildings of the Greek Jews.


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