Preveza is surrounded by the sea. 60 kilometers of lacy coastline, beaches dominated by the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea, and green vegetation reaching down to the sea.

Very close to the centre of Preveza is the start of the so-called ‘Cote d’Azur’ (or Blue Coast). The nearest beach has shallow waters, ideal for children, and the beautiful Blue Coast protected forest area in the background.

You also can spread your towel on the golden sand at Alonaki Beach, or enjoy the drinks at sunset in cosmopolitan Mytikas.

Monolithi, a beach that stretches several kilometers along the edge of the Blue Coast forest, has deep waters and an organised beach bar. Further along, it passes the baton to the beaches of Kanali and Kastrosykia, which have facilities for water sports.

Artolithia is a quiet beach with imposing standing rocks that create an unusual landscape. Also impressive, and a point of attraction for young and old, are the beaches of Vrachos and Loutsa, with their crystal clear waters and fine sand.

Our recommendation: Visit Preveza in August for the sardine festival if you can. Dozens of barbecue grills are set up along the city’s waterfront, ready to cook the ‘poor person’s fish’, as sardines are known.

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