Suggested Routes

For nature lovers, the Epirus region offers unique opportunities for exploration. One of the most important ecosystems is the Ambracian Gulf and the countless lagoons that form at the points where the Louros and Arachthos Rivers flow into it. It is one of the largest closed seas, teeming with life. So many species of fish, bottlenose dolphins, caretta-caretta turtles, over 200 species of bird, including the beautiful flamingo, and even water buffalo find shelter here.

The Ambracian Gulf is enclosed by the Regional Units of Preveza and Arta, and is easily accessible from different points. The landscape is beautiful, especially near the villages of Stroggyli and Rodia, where the most famous lagoons of the Gulf wetlands can be found. An ideal destination for guided walks and boat trips, during which you might meet the lovable water buffalo, animals that might look threatening but in fact are very tame and affectionate. The walk is also great for bird watching that find refuge here. The area around the villages of Rodia and Stroggyli can be reached from the Preveza – Ioannina National Road, where there is a sign to the village of Stroggyli. The trip there will take about two hours, or maybe more, since the landscape and natural surroundings are definitely captivating, and you are likely to be reluctant to leave them behind.   

Arta is just 25 km away from the Ambracian Gulf and the village of Koronisia, a village that literally seems to be floating on the water. Here you can walk across sandbars to watch the birds, and relax in one of the fish tavernas to try the fresh fish from the Ambracian Gulf.    

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