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When summer approaches, and people begin to organise their summer holidays, many of them start with the Greek islands and the idea of enjoying the crystal clear waters and the beautiful beaches. There is a region in Greece that may not be an island, but it has nothing to envy them. Let’s get to know coastal Epirus, with its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation reaching down to the seashore.

Arriving on the west coast of Epirus, easy enough now given that the road network has vastly improved in recent years, starting from Preveza and extending as far as Sagiada in Thesprotia, is a stretch of coastline that goes on for about 100 km. Here one encounters beautiful beaches which continue uninterrupted for tens of kilometers, as well as picturesque, secluded coves with turquoise, crystal-clear waters that have nothing to envy other supposedly exotic destinations! The coastline of Epirus offers uniquely dreamy beaches and a nature that will enchant you with its beauty. It is perfect for a summer road trip or an extended stay in one of the coastal villages, if you want to avoid unnecessary movements.

If you chose the town of Preveza as a base for your stay, roughly 10 km away lies the beach of Monolithi which stretches along 25 km of coastline. It is considered to be the largest beach in the European Union, and here you can find the holiday villages of Mytika, Kanali and Kastrosykia. There are so many options to suit the preferences of any visitor! Organized beaches with beach bars, sunbeds, coffee and food, but also more peaceful situations for anyone wishing to spread their towel on the sand somewhere more solitary. The Ionian sea, with its very clean deep waters, is ideal for those looking to engage with the waves, while offering special moments for families and groups seeking relaxation. The beauty of the beach is completed by the Monolithi Aesthetic Forest  (a protected area of forest with special aesthetic and ecological interest) which extends along the coast for approximately 8 km.

Very near to Monolithi is ancient Nicopolis, ‘the City of Victory’, built by Gaius Octavius Augustus after his victory over Mark Anthony and Cleopatra at the great Battle of Actium. You can easily combine the tour of the archaeological site with a dip in the sea!

The 25km stretch of beach runs alongside the Igoumenitsa – Preveza National Road, and there are many exits off it leading to the sea. At several points you will come across picturesque little holiday resorts, where you can sit in the tavernas and enjoy delicious homecooked food and of course the famous fresh fish of the Ionian Sea. Let’s not forget that the sea stimulates the appetite!

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