The city of Ioannina is a lively one with strong vibrations and the various cultural influences reflect on every street. The alleys and cobbled streets are full of images and smells of Epirus and the market of Ioannina will fascinate you with its local traditional products that take you to another era. Wander among the historic buildings on Averoff Street that are nowadays jewelry stores and silversmiths’ workshops and you will immediately realize why this city has long been called the “city of the silversmiths”.


The promenade on Papazoglou and Lordou Vyronos streets in the Old Town is full of well-preserved mansions, many of which are leather shops, clothing accessories shops that remain open even on weekends until late in the evening. Choose to unwind in one of the art cafes, enjoying a hot cup of Greek coffee traditionally prepared on the ash and embers–If the road takes you towards the lake, head to Molos passing by Neomartyros Ag. Georgios where you will meet the souvenir shops.


Another location in the Regional Unit of Ioannina where you will see the tradition of the “Yianniotes” (the people of Ioannina) reviving before your eyes is Metsovo. A bazaar with local dairy products such as the famous smoked “Metsovone” cheese, wood carvings and silverware. Roam around the main square, where most of the shops are. Finally, in the main square of almost every village of the Zagori area, small traditional shops with authentic, handmade local products of the area await.

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