Suggested Routes

Epirus is an combination of amazing natural surroundings with endless opportunities for adventure. This is an area where most of the landscape is mountainous and there is abundant running water, which is a recipe for adventure according to our visitors. Alternative tourism is booming here!

Those who decide to visit Epirus looking for an adrenaline rush, need only to make for the Voidomatis and Arachthos Rivers for rafting and exploration of the surrounding areas. There are a number of reliable companies operating in this field.

At Tzoumerka, you will find the Arachthos River, the root of its name being the verb ‘aratto’ (that is, ‘to hit with force’). It is otherwise referred to as the ‘angry river’ by the local people, and is now protected as part of the Tzoumerka National Park.

Here are the two most popular routes, which have varying degrees of difficulty.The first starts at the Politsas Bridge in Ampelochori, and ends just past the bridge of Plaka. It is a distance 9 kilometers, with a degree of difficulty of 2-3. Halfway along the route you can stop to swim in the natural lake formed by the freezing cold waterfall of Klifki, and then across the impressive Arachthos Gorge! The second route starts at Tsimpovo Bridge (ending at Plaka). It runs through the ravine below the Holy Monastery of Tsoukas, has a length of about 18 km and a difficulty level of 4, requiring strength and precision maneuvering.

 On the Voidomatis River, with the cleanest waters in Europe according to many, the standard route starts from the Aristi Bridge, crossing the wooded Voidomatis Gorge and ends at the bridge of Kleidonia. About 6 km long, the route is ideal for beginners and families, passing through scenery filled with age-old plane trees and ornamented with natural springs.

Returning from such an adventure, your mind will certainly be filled with images and intense experiences you’ll never forget!

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