The Famous Pies of Epirus

Epirus pies are an integral part of the local gastronomic experience. Some are completely traditional, others are updated modern versions, all are delicious! This is because they are based on natural ingredients and are made with tender loving care, and phyllo pastry! And they are all well worth the wait.

The traditional Zagori pies have travelled beyond Greece to overseas markets, but they can be found all over Epirus.

The simplicity and delicious flavour of a ‘zymaropita’ (a dough pie also known as zarkopita or kourkoutopita) made with flour, feta cheese and olive oil, never fails to make a favourable impression. Of the various pies, the ones that stand out are the meat pies, chicken pies and cabbage pies (leafy vegetable pies in general), that were traditionally baked in wood-burning ovens in large, shallow tins (‘sinia’, traditional round hammered copper baking trays) with many thin layers of hand-rolled phyllo pastry. Also try the cheese pies and leek pie, as well as the sweet versions, the pumpkin and custard pies, which are a joy to eat, for breakfast too!

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