Meat with the Seal of Quality

The food of Ioannina never ceases to surprise the visitor with its simple approach to good food.

Being a livestock-rearing region, you will find that meat is the star in the cuisine of Ioannina. Grazing land, an abundance of installations dedicated to raising livestock, as well as hunting, supply the high-quality raw ingredients for most of Ioannina’s dishes.

Lamb, goat, sheep, beef, wild boar, chicken, cooked on the spit or in the traditional ‘gastra’ or clay pot, concealed in pies or soups, combined with local wild greens, herbs and dairy products. All are transformed into exceptional gastronomic experiences, particularly when paired with locally distilled brandy (tsipouro) or wine.

Anyone finding themselves in Ioannina should not leave without tasting the traditional ‘giaprakia’, the local version of stuffed cabbage, a dish for Sundays and festive occasions, as is stewed goat, served simply with vegetables or even with ‘trachana’ (cracked wheat).

From Katsikas in Ioannina, to Anilio and the famous stonemasons’ villages, the Mastorochoria, you will find tavernas, restaurants and cafes selling excellent quality, beautifully-cooked meat. This is a place certain to satisfy anyone who hasn’t removed meat from their daily diet.


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