The Gastronomy of Preveza

The gastronomy of Preveza is inextricably linked to the tradition of fishing, as many species of seafood and fish from the deep blue sea, the lakes and the rivers, are combined in wildly tasty recipes made with local products such as tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, wild greens, slow-cooked in the hull, the frying pan, or the “sagania” pots, used for cooking in the fireplace.


One can try at least 15 species of fish freshly caught in the Amvrakikos Gulf, with the most famous being the sea bass, the mullet, the sardines, the sea bream and common soles. The sardines are especially celebrated in the Sardines Festival taking place every year in the city of Preveza towards the end of August, highlighting the unique taste of the Amvrakikos sardines in a delicious recipe that includes a dish of sardines slow-cooked in the oven with plenty of tomatoes, as well as grilled sardines! Another special recipe in the cuisine of Preveza is the “petali” grey mullet. Also, “gambari”–deriving from the Italian word “gamberi” which means shrimp–is equally popular and is usually enjoyed roasted or cooked with celery in the oven. All this seafood is, of course, perfectly combined with the famous ouzo of Preveza, especially when cherished with a view to the wonderful Ionian Sea.


Around river Acheron, livestock and dairy products are constantly in the spotlight; meats and cheeses are the inspiration for delicious dishes and unique homemade pies. To name a few: the “yahni” of Parga, consisting of boiled goat accompanied with potatoes, onions, herbs and tomatoes, or else the wild boar with scorched flour (a local recipe for meats), grilled mutton, floured “lahana” wild herbs, the kefalotyri cheese, the salty mizithra, the chicken pie filled with rice, but also the spoon sweets, such as the “keraki”, the quince, the aubergine, the tomato stuffed with walnuts. Last but not least, in Derviziana you will try the traditional “koumaro” beverage, made from the arbutus fruit.


Did you know that..

– Apart from the above, a product you must try while in Preveza and which you will find in many local dishes is the bottarga of Amvrakikos

– In the Historic Center of Preveza with its picturesque alleys, there are many traditional ouzo tavernas, where you will try all the dishes mentioned above

– The word “Preveza” is of Slavic origin and means “Passage”. It is, indeed, a gastronomic crossroads, as it combines many influences and cuisines.




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