Local Cuisine in Preveza

Preveza, apart from the rich variety of its seafood, can be proud of its remarkable culinary tradition. Some of its products, in particular the graviera cheese, feta, and the fresh ‘galotyri’ of Preveza have been given Protected Designation of Origin quality certification!

Another award-winning product of the region is ouzo, Preveza being the second largest ouzo-producing area in the country! At the same time, one of its products is the most expensive delicacy anywhere in the European Union. This is the famous Amvrakikos ‘avgotaraho’ grey mullet fish roe (also known as bottarga), which attracts international interest. Flavours worth trying including the famous ‘ladopita’ (semolina ‘oil’ pie) of the region and the black truffle.

To the list of dishes you should sample in Preveza, you could easily add sea bream and celery ‘avgolemono’ (in egg and lemon sauce), spaghetti with cockles, black risotto with cuttlefish, and walnut cookies with ice cream.

Our recommendation:

Visit the annual sardine festival in Preveza, where attempts will be made to change the map of your gastronomic preferences forever.

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