Ioannina Gastronomy

The cuisine of Ioannina is legendary, and once tasted, your palate will remember it for life.  The culinary challenges of the city are countless. The list always starts with the famous syrupy pastries that have many loyal fans both inside and outside Greece, not forgetting that there are many visitors to Epirus who are only here for the gastronomic experiences. The same applies to its dairy products and the cheeses in particular, which have also attracted the interest of foreign markets!

The products of Metsovo and Dodoni including cheese, wine, goat stew and sausages form just a small part of the rich flavour profile of the region. Excellent quality meat can be found in Katsika, where oven-baked recipes have also been added to the menu to satisfy the preferences of any and all comers.

For trout, place yourself in the experienced hands of the residents of Vouliastas, who specialise flavourful dishes showcasing the fish in question. Not to be forgotten is the legendary pie-making tradition of Ioannina, which has made a substantial name for itself. Mushroom pies, potato pies, pies made with wild greens. The number of traditional pies on the menu is very large one, and the number of admirers looking to sample them in Epirus is even larger.

Our recommendation: – Try the fried frogs legs and eels on the island in the Ioannina lake.

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