A Journey of Sweet Temptations

Nobody can resist the famous Gianniotiko baklava, with its crispy phyllo pastry, rich aroma, walnuts, and butter, which usually rounds off a meal in Ioannina, or enjoyed as a great accompaniment to coffee. One unusual type of baklava is the ‘klostari’ baklava made in Konitsa, which is twisted into a roll, capturing all the traditional flavours of walnut, honey, cloves, and cinnamon in the traditional ‘Konitsiotiki’ version. There are many variations that are sure not to disappoint. Of course, the range of pastries and sweets that you will come across in Ioannina is inexhaustible. Just as every home keeps a variety of traditional homemade syrupy spoon sweets on hand, so do many of the restaurants and tavernas. They are either served alone or with yogurt and nuts. Kataifi (angel hair pastry sweets), ‘portokalopites’ (orange cake), ‘ravani’ (semolina syrup cake) and many more sweet treats will tempt your palate. Traditional and modern pastry shops have managed in recent years to become an attraction for visitors to the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to try a wide variety and take some home with you when you leave!


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