The Nature of Thesprotia

A spectacular coastline, faraway mountains and villages, mythical rivers, swamplands, all in a lush green setting. Nature has been particularly generous with Thesprotia!


The golden beaches of Thesprotia are without doubt the centre of attraction for visitors during the spring and summer months. Indeed, the stunning blue flag awarded bays, scattered islets, coves and caves on blue waters that mirror the green pines are certain to charm anyone. Visit the beaches of Strovili, Sagiada in the far north, the adored Drepano and of course Sivota, a real haven of Nature, ideal for sea rides and beach exploration! We recommend Bella Vraka and Pisina beaches.


At the northern end of Thesprotia rise the Tsamanta (otherwise called Mourgana) Mountains that border the Souli Mountains, from which river Kalamas flows before emptying into the Ionian Sea from the bay of Valtos. The Kalamas Delta is an important wetlands and part of the Natura 2000 network, with plane trees, willows and poplars, a real sanctuary for wildlife. Another, equally significant wetlands is the Kalodiki swamp in the south of Thesprotia, an area that hosts over 300 species of plants, 120 species of birds and 20 species of mammals.


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