The Nature of Preveza

Preveza displays a unique peculiarity in relation to other areas of Epirus. On the one hand, the idyllic coastline of Epirus stretches all the way down to Preveza, with vast sandy beaches, some of which are often considered to be among the top ones in Epirus. On the other hand, one of the most important ecosystems in Greece, the multiple lagoons of the Amvrakikos Gulf National Wetlands Park and the estuaries of rivers Louros and Arachthos. Seashores, lakes, gorges and rivers form the mosaic of Preveza’s natural landscape.


Undoubtedly, the pride and joy of Preveza is its many sandy beaches. Monolithi is the longest beach in Europe: a 25 km crystal-blue coastline, awarded with a Blue Flag. Also, Sarakiniko, Alonaki, Kanali and Valtos will charm you with their amazingly clear waters, while the stroll along the seafront paved walk of the city of Preveza will have you walking along the emerald waters of the second largest gulf in Greece, Amvrakikos.


We propose that you explore the natural lake of Ziros–geologists believe that the lake was a cave, though the roof collapsed 10,000 years ago–see the Lekatsa Forest through the village of Myrsini, step into the gorge of Acheron and, of course, seek the energy of river Acheron, north of Preveza. Last but not least, do not forget to see Kokkinopilos in Rizovouni, where the crimson curved hills and rocks are unlike anything you have ever seen!


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