Climbing – Canyoning

The terrain of Epirus is extremely diverse, with hundreds of mountains towering over 2,000m and many impressive gorges. In this unique natural environment, activities such as climbing and canyoning are highly recommended and sought after.


Climbing ideally takes place from Spring to Autumn, in climbing areas of varying degrees of difficulty. Places such as Kastritsa, the Vikos Gorge, the Kipi village in Zagori, Konitsa, Lampanitsa in Thesprotia and Tzoumerka are famous for their climbing opportunities. With the guidance of the instructors and the appropriate equipment, winter ice climbing on ​​snow and icy grounds is possible to try in Melissourgi in Arta, an activity that challenges you and fills your mind with unforgettable images, but also one that requires attention.


Also, crossing and canyoning gorges is something we strongly recommend you try, as it will bring you in direct contact with inaccessible parts of the mainland, all the while combining different techniques such as hiking, swimming and the abseiling of waterfalls. The guidance of experts is necessary here as well and the ideal season for canyoning is – again – the spring and summer months. May we suggest you get your feet on the “Pili Tou Paradisou” (the Gate of Paradise) in Tzoumerka, the “Klifki” in Katsanohoria, the Deos Gorge in Metsovo, and the “Petrino Dasos” Stone Forest in Zagorohoria, around the area of ​​Papigo.



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