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Panagia Vlachernon

It is located in the village of Vlaherna, opposite Arta, and took its name from the famous Panagia of Vlahernae in Constantinople.

It was founded at the end of the 11th century and remodeled in the mid 13th century by Michael II Komnenos Doukas.

Another jewel of the glory and religiousness of the sedulous Christians of Byzantine Arta.

On the outside of course, the church does not reach the grandeur or decorative elegance of Agios Vasileios, but it has its own distinctive elements that make it, if not grandiose, nevertheless impressive.

In the inside, time but also the unsuccessful human interventions have left their marks everywhere, so that it has lost a significant part of its old splendor.

Near the western corners of the main church, there are two simple cist graves, which are the special feature of the monument.

Today it serves as a parish church of the village, after which it was named.


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