The Nature of Arta

The Regional Unit of Arta is blessed with Nature flourishing in diverse landscapes, colors and scents. Some places are certain to amaze you, be it the soaring Tzoumerka or the critical for the Nature Amvrakikos Gulf.


Bluffs, rivers, lakes, lagoons. It sure looks like Arta has it all! Indeed, in Arta you can mire at the incredible view from the peaks of Tzoumerka, hike along rivers Arachthos, Louros and Acheloos, while in Amvrakikos you will have the opportunity to swim next to bottlenose dolphins.


The climate and more specifically the large amount of rain that Arta receives yearly is the reason that the entire area is full of streams, tributaries and waterfalls. Every rock oozes fresh water in Arta. Follow the road along the rivers Goura and Ano Goura to Theodoriana and in Aspri Goura two waterfalls rush at an altitude of 1,300m. Tip: a visit to Lake Pournari is definitely worthwhile.


The prominent stone bridge of Arta is built over the crystal-clear waters of river Arachthos, while right next to it stands the “Platanos” plane tree of Arta, an ancient tree that has been declared a monument of Nature since 1976 and generously offers its shade during the hot summer days.

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