Truffle hunting

Now this is surely a different experience, unlike anything you have tried! The truffle, this rare underground mushroom with its high nutritional value, is definitely the superstar of modern gastronomy and one of the most sought after delicacies in the world. It grows in the dense, mountainous forests of Epirus and the mushroom picking excursion is an increasingly popular activity for travellers. With the help of specially trained truffle dogs and their owner we locate the truffle that lies under the soil and then cook it outdoors in delicious recipes in the forest, while indulging in a mushroom tasting session as well.


The best time of the year for truffle hunting trips in Epirus is summer and autumn, but in every season there are different types of truffles that thrive in the Greek countryside.


An ideal area for truffle hunting sessions is Eastern Zagori: don’t miss the “Epirus Mushroom Festival” that takes place every summer in the village of Ano Pedina in the Zagorohoria, where you will have the opportunity to get familiar with the many species of mushrooms and truffles that grow in the area and of course try them in unique Epirus recipes.

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