Cycling, and especially mountain biking, is probably the most adventurous way to get to know greatly unexplored areas of Epirus: let Nature charm you with bike rides that cross between villages, mountain summits, plateaus and gorges. Due to the wildly steep and unpredictable terrain, Epirus holds a very special place in every mountain biking lover’s heart and below we give to you an idea about places you can ride and things you will encounter.


A really special route is cycling around Aoos Springs Lake, especially during the spring and summer months. 32 km by the lake without big altitude alterations, in a truly pristine nature next to robola trees, pines and mountain meadows.

Another mountain biking route that we recommend is the certified Ursa Trail, starting in Metsovo and going to the ski resort of nearby Anilio.

In addition, a few more special – and rather demanding – cycling routes are the various mountain tours, such as the tour of Mitsikeli in Ioannina, the tour of Gamila in Zagorohoria, the tour of Smolikas and the tour of Tzoumerka. Prepare for some intense uphill rides in altitudes above 2,000m, around stone bridges in unspoiled environments, ravines and forests with dense vegetation.


Tip: There is now a possibility for bike rides with electric bicycles that allow you to enjoy the unique landscapes and villages of Epirus without a single drop of sweat.



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