One of the main features of continental Thesprotia is its natural beauty, which allows tourists and residents alike to engage in a variety of activities. The village of Plakoti attracts many visitors who enjoy canyoning in the Kalama River Narrows.

A visit to Giromeri, an especially outstanding mountain settlement built on the slopes of Mount Farmakovouni, will reward you with its architectural details, and its panoramic location.

Popular excursions are to the ruined citadel of Ontina, the historic village of Souli, and the bridge over the Tsangariotiko River, where you can combine exercise with an incredible landscape. Also beautiful is the walk along the footpath that starts out at the village of Gliki, known as the ‘Skala Tzavelaina’ (Tzavelaina Steps). Its location next to the springs at the source of the Acheron River, is an example of the sheer poetry of nature.

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