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Valia Calda is the core of the National Park of Pindos. Since 1987 it is included in the list of the most sensitive areas of the International Union for the Protection of Nature. A river called “”Arkoudorema”” (meaning Bear’s Stream) run through Valia Calda and on a spot that’s called “”Smixomata”” the river is united with the waters of Aoos river.
Valia Calda is the living place of 29 species of mammals, such as the brown bear, the roe deer, the gray wolf and the otter. You can also meet 28 species of reptiles and 122 species of birds. In the crystal clear waters there are trout. You can meet old grown trees (older than 700 years), rare wildflowers and 400 species of mushrooms.
The abandoned water-saws and remnants of cut trees, are the reminders of the logging activity in the area, before it was proclamed into a National Park.
The entry into this National Park is permitted only through the following spots:
1. The area “”Stauros”” (meaning Cross), in the north,
2. The Salatoura Papagianni, on the east and,
3. The the Salatoura Milia, on the southeast.
The best visiting season starts from May until October.


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