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It was one of the most important, political, administrative and economic centers of Thesprotia in the antiquity.

The ruins of the city are located on the mountainside of Vrysella. A great landscape from many respects, surrounded by Kalamas river, which has greatly contributed to the economic autonomy of the city.

It was founded in the 2nd half of the 4th century BC, although the area was already inhabited in the prehistoric times.

It reached its heyday during the Hellenistic period; it was the seat of the Thesprotian “Koinon” (League) and was destroyed by the Romans in 167 BC

The city had an area of ​​280 hectares with 6,000 inhabitants, and was protected by a monumental wall. Ruins of buildings and roads reveal that it was built according to a city plan.

An important finding is the theater which dates back to the 3rd century BC with a capacity of 4,000 people.

Also important findings are the 3,000 clay seals found in the Prytaneum and comprise a single file. They give a wealth of information about the diplomatic relations of the city with major cities of the ancient Greek world.


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