A Gastronomic Tour of Preveza

A trip to the southern tip of Epirus and the area of Preveza during the summer months cannot help but mean an infinite variety of flavours based on fresh fish and seafood.

Preveza is reminiscent of an island, and is bordered by both the Ambracian Gulf and the Ionian Sea. It is easily reachable from any part of Epirus and is a great place for visitors to use as a base for further exploration of the region.

Arriving there on the Ioannina – Preveza National Road will bring you face to face with the archaeological site of ancient Nicopolis, which is very much worth exploring. Here you have the opportunity to learn a little of the history of the ‘City of Victory’ (Actia Nicopolis) founded by Octavian after his victory at the Battle of Actium in 31 BCE. If you have time, do visit the Nicopolis Archaeological Museum which has a rich collection of exhibits on display. It is located at the northern entrance to Preveza.

The walk around the historic city centre with its many narrow whitewashed streets, beautiful neoclassical houses, and flowering gardens, will soon sweep you up in the atmosphere of the place which has so many stories of the past to tell. If you follow the smells of seafood delicacies grilling, you will soon find yourself in the traditional ouzo bars and fish tavernas that are crowded with visitors in the summer months. Preveza is famous for Ambracian ‘gabari’ shrimp and the ‘poor man’s fish’, the sardine, which is not to be missed, particularly when it’s freshly grilled at your table. Special delicacies also include oven-baked eel, fried red mullet, grilled grey mullet, and cuttlefish with spinach.

The delicious journey ends with a traditional Greek coffee and sweets, looking out over the Ambracian Gulf.

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