Nature in Arta

Lakes, endlessly gorgeous countryside, captivating images. The natural beauty of Arta is extensive and there are dozens of things to do in the area. Visitors can begin by exploring the lake at Pournari Lake, where something unusual happens at the right time of year. When the waters of the reservoir lake recede, according to the season, they reveal a part of the village of Kato Klimentini, which was abandoned before the construction of the dam. This is a truly remarkable sight if you are lucky enough to be here at the right time of year. Once the dry season is over, the waters rise, and Kato Klimentini sinks beneath the surface of the lake again.

Koronisia, which lies in the middle of the Ambracian wetlands, 25 kilometers from Arta. Visitors can, among other things, enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. It is, for example, a great place for birdwatchers, but there are also Byzantine museums to be investigated. About 350 people live in the immediate vicinity of the lake and are engaged in fishing, supplying local shops and restaurants with fresh fish.

The famous bridge of the region has acquired legendary status. A thousand songs tell its story, and its reputation continues to spread farther and farther afield. Accordingly, it regularly attracts lots of tourists, who are eager to stop and admire the stone structure that connects the two banks of the Arachthos River at the entrance of the town. It should also be mentioned that the bridge was once the border between enslaved Epirus and liberated Greece, which bestows on it even greater historical significance.

Dozens of places of incredible beauty and historical importance could be added to the list of excursions, such as the castle, the Ottoman clock, the little theatre and the Ambracian walls, and other landmarks.

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