Natural Beauty of Preveza

A lagoon on one side and the open sea on the other, the enclosed Ambracian Gulf and the Ionian Sea form the boundaries of one of the loveliest parts of Epirus, Preveza. The ‘king’ of the region, the Acheron River, starts in the Prefecture of Ioannina and flows into the Ionian Sea. On its way it creates ecosystems which support many rare species of animals and plants, forming a unique visual mosaic…

Ziros Lake is a unique biotope, barely affected by human presence. The beauty and serenity of the lake, ideal for relaxing walks and cycling along the banks, never fail to enchant the visitor.
The Louros River, which is near the Oracle of Dodona, is responsible for the famous springs in the village of Agios Georgios, 50 km northeast of the town of Preveza.

In Preveza the water element prevails, and the region boasts dozens of beaches. A typical example is the lagoon of Amvrakikos, one of the largest wetland areas in the country. There are seven main lagoons, providing suitable grounds for the development of fisheries. It is a place of huge environmental significance, counted among the most important ecosystems of the Mediterranean, and with the establishment of the Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park a few years ago, the aim is to ensure its complete protection. Indicative of the marine wealth of the region is the Koronisia fishing village, as well as the famous ‘Village of Storks’, otherwise known as Aneza.

The dozens of beaches are a major attraction for tourists every year. Some of the best of these can be found on the ‘Kyani Akti’ (the Blue Coast, or otherwise the Côte d’Azur), which is about eight kilometers from Preveza, with several small beaches, some shallow, others with deeper waters dropping sharply away. They can be reached either on foot, by bus or car, or by boat.

Two other examples wonderful coastal settings are the beaches of Mytikas and Monolithi. The first, located 5 km from Preveza, boasts relatively shallow waters, and is easily accessible to visitors. Eight kilometers from Preveza, Monolithi is a beach similarly easy to reach by car or otherwise. It has relatively deep waters and is suitable for more adventurous swimmers.

Dozens of other beaches could be included on what is a very long list, including Alonaki, Kalamitsi, and Vrachos-Loutsa beaches, as well as others too numerous to name.

Our recommendation: Pay a visit to the ‘Devil’s Bazaar’, otherwise known as Seitan Pazar (Turkish name). Dating back some six decades, it was an expression of popular culture and the everyday life of dockworkers of the region.

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