Local Cuisine in Thersprotia

Surf and turf

The gastronomic map of Thesprotia is noted primarily for its grilled meat. Lamb chops, mutton, and ‘kokoretsi’ (intestines wrapped around offal, grilled on a spit) attract meat-loving foodies from all over the world. Meat is combined with traditional pies of all kinds to create the sumptuous meals for which the whole of Epirus is known.

The dual aspect of Thesprotia, the coast with its beautiful bays, and the mountain villages that are powerful reminders of the past, can be clearly seen in its gastronomy.

Traditional Epirote dishes, local meats, and cheeses made by small traditional cheese makers, coexist on the same table with high quality fresh fish from the Ionian Sea.

Next to Acheron River, under the shade of the plane trees, you can enjoy beautifully-cooked local dishes, spoon sweets and pastries, meat grilled on the spit or oven-roasted in a ‘gastra’ (traditional clay pot).

Nearby, the seaside resorts are visited by tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world every summer. You will find tavernas and restaurants offering a wide variety of seafood dishes including fresh fish and shellfish, as well as pasta with shrimp and other Italian dishes, evidence of the influence of their nearby neighbour, one of the main countries from which visitors make for the coast of Epirus.

From production… to consumption!

Sagiada, with about 2000 inhabitants, is a well-known fishing village, bringing together not only those who love fishing as a pastime, but it is also home to some of the most important aquaculture farms, which support the local and national economy. In Lorida Sagiada, there are more than 25 units in operation, including one shrimp cultivation unit and two fish hatcheries, which altogether employ hundreds of workers. Shrimp cultivation is still in its infancy.

Apart from fishery products, Thesprotia is a producer of many other high quality agricultural food products. Local meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, yellow and white cheeses, fresh ingredients closely tied to simple, delicious recipes. Epirus invites you to take a culinary journey which makes you feel welcomed into the homes of its people.

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