The Gastronomy of Thesprotia

The Regional Unit of Thesprotia in the westernmost tip of Epirus uniquely combines the mountains with the sea and this is shown in the local gastronomy. The coastline of Thesprotia stretches from Sagiada, a renowned fishing village with 25 fish farms, all the way to Perdika, while in between lies the delta of Epirus’s longest river, Kalamas.


On the other hand, in Paramythia, an amphitheatrically built town nestled at the foot of mountain Korila, the cuisine is based mainly on local meats, while in the villages of Mourgana close to the Greek-Albanian border, pies are definitely the superstars. Olive oil cultivation could not be missing from the local production, with Perdika counting the most olive groves in the area.


More specifically, during your visit to Thesprotia it is worthwhile to try the famous pomegranates of Filiates on your way up to Tsamantas, where you will taste the local flour pie with feta cheese, the kriyiasopita and the rice pie.


Did you know that..

– The delicious seafood at Sagiada and the mouthwatering meat dishes of mountainous Paramythia are actually only a short drive away!

– The gastronomy of Thesprotia reflects both the wild and rough relief of the landscape, as well as the simplicity in the culinary philosophy of the locals.

– In the villages of Mourgana, but also in those of Souli we observe many of the 178 different recipes of the Epirus pie.




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