Gastronomy in Thesprotia

The gastronomic map of Thesprotia is noted primarily for the grilled meat. Lamb chops, mutton, and ‘kokoretsi’ (intestines wrapped around offal, grilled on a spit) attract meat-loving foodies from all over the world.

There are also fresh pies of all kinds to sample, as well as spoon sweets, dairy products, local wine and ‘tsipouro’ (pomace brandy). You can also investigate the bell makers in Paramythia. For seafood lovers, Igoumenitsa offers an unlimited variety of delicacies, and in many regions local cuisine coexists with an impressive array of Italian pizza and pasta dishes, including the specialty spaghetti alle vongole!

Our recommendation:

After exploring the Acheron River, make time to visit the nearby village of Glyki to enjoy traditional cuisine, local delicacies, and pies under the shade of the plane trees.

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