Culture in Preveza

City and port of Epirus, Preveza is the capital city of the Prefecture of Preveza and is known both as a beautiful city and for its products. Its history began many thousands of years ago, and it has lived through many upheavals and changing political situations. Liberation from the Ottoman occupation was achieved on 21 October 1912, while one of the most iconic figures of its past is Kostas Karyotakis, the famous poet and novelist.

Postwar, Preveza may have experienced a decline, but gradually managed to carry out important works in the region, including marine academies, the hospital, and the port. Since 1983, it has been part of the main urban plan, and with the Egnatia Odos and the Preveza – Aktion Undersea Tunnel, the city began to enjoy closer ties with the rest of Greece.

Culturally speaking, Preveza boasts dozens of places worth visiting. One of these is the archaeological site of Nicopolis, the largest ancient city in today’s Greece, and includes a vast number of ruined temples, public buildings and private dwellings.

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