The mountains of Epirus are a haven for ski, with all-white slopes, perfect for ski lovers of all levels. Four ski resorts await; go ahead, test your endurance and enjoy the winter wonderland!


More specifically, three of those are located within the area of Metsovo. These are the Profitis Ilias (Politsies) Ski Center,  the Karakoli Ski Center and the newest ski resort in Greece, Anilio Park. The first, located in the Plateau of Politsies, just 5 km away from Metsovo, has 7 tracks of various levels of difficulty, an equipment rental shop and two chalets for traditional food and a hot cup of coffee or tea. The second in Karakoli is located only 2 km away from Metsovo, has one lift, 2 slopes and a chalet. The third, in Anilio, started operating in 2012 and is located 12 km away from Metsovo. It’s equipped with 5 lifts, 5 slopes and 2 chalets and it’s easily accessed via the Egnatia highway.


Lastly, the Ski Center of Vasilitsa is situated on the border of the Region of Epirus and the Region of Western Macedonia and is one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in all Northern Greece. It has 24 slopes, 7 lifts and 2 chalets. Reach it easily via the Egnatia Highway (from Grevena) or from Konitsa by taking the scenic, mountainous asphalt road.


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