Panagia Parigoritissa Arta

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Panagia Parigoritissa

13th-century building founded by Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas and his wife Anna Palaiologina Katakouzene

It is the «lady» of today’s Arta, the jewel of the once glorious capital of the Despotate of Epirus.

It dominates over the densely populated slope of Peranthi hill, with its imposing presence being a reminder of the grandeur of Byzantine Arta.

Today only the church, the Altar and 16 cells survive from the stavropegial monastery

The church impresses with its external and internal architectural innovations, while the way of supporting the central dome, where the mosaic of the Pantocrator is preserved, is unique in ecclesiastical architecture.

It is a unique example of Byzantine church architecture around the Orthodox Christian world.

The many damages contributed to the church losing a big part of its old internal splendour, but its imposing grandeur has been preserved.




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