Tzoumerka, Travel guide Tzoumerka

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Tzoumerka, Travel guide

The proud, imposing Tzoumerka mountains stand in a wild area which remains untouched by the modern civilization. Deep gorges, bare rocks, rich natural environment, impetuous rivers and traditional settlements are some of the characteristics that compose a scenery of unique wild beauty. The greatness of nature meets history and tradition and life follows nature’s call, far from the noise and stress of the urban areas.  Visit the National Park of Tzoumerka and hike at Central and Northern Tzoumerka to feel the vibes.
On the steep slopes of Tzoumerka mountains are Tzoumerkochoria villages which are built like aeries. Old churches, pre industrial civilization monuments (threshing floors, watermills and water rollers), as well as well-known stone bridges, impress every visitor. Tzoumerka mountains have entered the European network Natura 2000.


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