Fanoti Doliani Fanoti (Doliani)

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Fanoti Doliani

The archaeological site of Doliani is an ancient fortified site, built on top of a steep hill near Kalama River. It is a location of strategic importance ensuring the control of the wider region.

The settlement coincides with Fanoti, a city of the Thesprotian tribe of Fanotians, believed by the historians to have repelled the siege of the Romans in 169 BC, only to surrender a year later.

The settlement was probably established in the 2nd half of the 4th century BC; however, findings testify to the existence of organized habitation at least at the end of the 6th century BC.

Imposing fortifications with towers at intervals, still impressing the visitor even today, surrounded the ancient city.

A part of the walls was destroyed by the Romans in 168 BC, when a large part of the city was also deserted. However, it was not abandoned and continued to be inhabited.

The two-storey tower at the highest point of the settlement and the small Byzantine church on the western tower of the ancient fortification were most probably build during the Byzantine period.


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