Byzantine Museum of Ioannina Its Kale Byzantine Museum of Ioannina - Its Kale

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Byzantine Museum of Ioannina Its Kale

Within the fortress of Ioannina, situated at the southeastern part of the city on a small rocky peninsula extending out into Lake Pamvotis, two natural heights had already been created in the Byzantine period to serve as acropolises. The southeastern one is known as Its Kale (the inner acropolis), whose modern-day form dates to the Late Ottoman period.
Within the Its Kale citadel and right where the Ali Passa serai (residence) used to be, you will find the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina . It includes collections of old Christian and Byzantine sculptures, ceramics, books, post Byzantine icons from the prefecture churches (16th to 18th centuries), as well as a collection of silver items which are kept on the so called “Thisavrofilakio” (“Threasure House”) housed in citadel building (19th century).Address: Ioannina Castle. Tel. 26510 – 25989, 39580.


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