Monument of August Monument of August

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Monument of August

This is the monument – a trophy of the battle of Actium, which was erected by Octavian Augustus to commemorate his victory over Antony and Cleopatra.

Built in 28 BC over the hill of Michalitsi, in a position with a panoramic view, it towers over the archaeological site.

The sources mention that Octavian had set up his headquarters there on the eve of the maritime confrontation.

The monumental form of the building, its construction immediately after the battle of Actium, and the multiple symbolisms, with which it is charged, make it a characteristic example of the propaganda policy implemented by Octavian in the framework of his autocracy.

It was a shrine dedicated to the gods Apollo, Neptune and Mars, who stood by the Emperor August in his glorious victory, according to a relevant inscription.

The monument was constructed on an artificial terrace, whose front was adorned with the bronze pistons of the defeated fleet.

To the north side, there was a U-shaped gallery, open to the south, where the monumental altar with its exquisite relief, representing the triumph of August, was located.


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