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Guide to Preveza

The Preveza region is surrounded by sea. To the east it is bordered by the Ambracian wetlands and to the west by the azure waters of the Ionian Sea. The blue of the sea harmoniously complements a verdant green landscape. Beautiful forests, majestic canyons and lakes of exceptional natural beauty frame the ecosystem of the area.

The coastline is more than 60 km long with pristine clean beaches, many of which have been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ eco-label. Enjoy the sea, the sun, swimming and water sports.

Dine out on the freshest of fresh fish and seafood, fished directly from the Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf. Famous specialties include ‘kefalos petali’ (butterflied and barbecued grey mullet) and smoked eel. ‘Avgotaracho’ (bottarga fish roe), prepared the old traditional way, is an exceptionally good meze. The region also produces an abundance of fruit and vegetables, especially citrus fruit, as well as olive oil, olives, herbs, honey and aromatic plants.

In this singular geographical area with its wonderful natural environment, human presence and activity have left their mark over the years in multiple ways. History, tradition, local cuisine, culture, picturesque taverns, bars, fun and joy in a safe environment are the components of an authentic lifestyle that the ever-hospitable people of Preveza invite you to enjoy. Together, these elements set the scene for a very attractive destination no matter what the season.

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Epirus manages to be a one-of-a-kind destination: an enviable combination of cultures and traditions, with a natural environment unique in Greece, and it never fails to surprise and delight its visitors. Epirus is located in the north-west corner of Greece and is an ideal travel destination all year round.

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Epirus manages to be a one-of-a-kind destination: an enviable combination of cultures and traditions, with a natural environment unique in Greece, and it never fails to surprise and delight its visitors. Epirus is located in the north-west corner of Greece and is an ideal travel destination all year round.

Basilica B of Alkisson

Four basilicas have been identified and partially excavated within the early Christian walls. Basilica B of Alkisson, the cathedral of Nicopolis, is located in the northeastern part of the city, dating back to the mid of the 5th century.

Castle of Rogoi, Assumption of the Theotokos

The Castle of Rogoi rises on a hill in the area between Nea Kerasounta and Petra. It was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Bouchetion which was a colony of the Eleans. The citadel was first fortified in the 5th century BC and the boulders can be distinguished in the current structure of the castle.

Basilica A of Doumetios

Within the walls of the early Christian Nicopolis, four basilicas have been identified and partially excavated. Basilica A (Doumetios), which dates back to the 6th century and was dedicated to Agios Dimitrios, is located in the southwestern part of the city. Its construction and decoration were overseen by archbishops Doumetios A and B, according to the inscriptions found on the mosaics of the floor.

Odeon of Nicopolis

It is a true architectural masterpiece, by some unknown but great architect. It lies in the center of the city, on the western side of the wall, adjacent to the Roman agora. It was used for lectures, literary and musical contests and theatrical performances during the Nea Aktia religious games honouring Apollo.

Monument of August

This is the monument – a trophy of the battle of Actium, which was erected by Octavian Augustus to commemorate his victory over Antony and Cleopatra. Built in 28 BC over the hill of Michalitsi, in a position with a panoramic view, it towers over the archaeological site. The sources mention that Octavian had set up his headquarters there on the eve of the maritime confrontation.

New Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

The building of the new museum is located at the entrance of the town of Preveza. The museum exhibition is exclusively based on the findings of the archaeological site of Nicopolis and not on the collection of a large area, which largely determines the central idea. Therefore, one of the primary factors is the connection of the Exhibition and the Museum with the archaeological site of Nicopolis.


Built on a spacious plateau, on the southern slopes of Zaloggo mountain range, in a naturally fortified and strategic position, it is the balcony of the prefecture of Preveza. It offers a unique view over the Ionian Sea, Amvrakikos Gulf, the island of Lefkada and the Acarnanian coast. Cassope was built in 340 BC but it flourished after the late 3rd century BC. At that time, its population ranged between 8,000 to 10,000 inhabitants.

Theatre of Nicopolis

It is an impressive building erected in the early 1st century AD, together with other public buildings in the city. It operated mainly during the religious celebration of the Nea Aktia, in honor of Apollo.

Nekromanteio – Ephyra

The most famous nekromanteio (oracle of the dead) of the ancient Greek world lies near the shores of the Acherousian Lake, where Acheron and Kokkytos, the rivers of Hades, meet.

Roman aqueduct of Nikopolis

The aqueduct, 50 km. long, carried the water from the springs of Louros to two cisterns in the Nymphaeum of Nikopolis. It actually consists of three parts, each constucted in a different manner: - a channel with a vaulted, water-proof roof and ventilation shafts - a tunnel quarried out in the Kokkinopelos valley and

Orraon (Horreum)

Ancient Orraon was founded and fortified between 385 and 370 B.C., when Alketas was the king of the Molossoi or, at the latest, in the second quarter of the 4th century B.C. The settlement was destroyed by the Romans in 167 B.C., was subsequently rebuilt and was finally abandoned by its inhabitants who were obliged to settle in Nicopolis, a city founded by Augustus after his victory in the battle of Actium, in 31 B.C.

Monastery of Agios Dimitrios

It is located near the bank of Kokytos river, a tributary of Acheron river, at the village of Kypseli. The katholikon was built by the Despot of Epirus, Michael II Doukas, in 1242, as evidenced by a brick inscription on the drum of the southern window of the transverse arch.

Lake Ziros

Ziros lake, which is at a short distance to the west of Philippiada, is of particular interest. The region is of outstanding natural beauty with rich and diverse fauna and flora. Its total surface is 1.250 decares, 470 of which are covered by the lake, and it is at a height of approx. 60 m above sea-level. Ziros was awarded the status of outstanding natural beauty by the State.

Acheron River

River Acheron is oftenly related to Greek mythology. The river runs through 64 kilometers and after reaching the plain of Fanari, on the northwestern part of the country, it flows into the Aegean Sea, creating numerous ecosystems and highly scenic areas that favor the growth of many plants and provide habitat to many categories of animals and birds. One of the most important wetland, is the region of its estuary and its marshes, upon the village of Ammoudiaver) and the marshes of Valanidorachi (south of its mouth).

Louros River

Louros river starts from the eastern side of mountain Tomaros and continues south, between the Mountains of Thesprotia and Xerovouni. Further on its runs through the plain of Filippiada and receives the waters of its tributaries. After a course of 66km it is poured into the Ambracian Gulf. River "Louros" is an integral part of the ecosystem of the Ambracian Gulf and the wider region of Arta.

Alonaki Beach

Από τα ομορφότερες παραλίες του Ν.Πρέβεζας με κρυστάλλινα διαυγή νερά και ψιλό βότσαλο περιτριγυρισμένη από βράχια σε ένα καταπράσινο τοπίο. Πολύ κοντά βρίσκεται το Νεκρομαντείο.

Vraxos beach

Μια από τις εντυπωσιακότερες παραλίες του νομού Πρεβέζης και της Ελλάδα γενικότερα. Ο συνδυασμός με το πράσινο, τη χρυσή άμμος και τα γαλαζοπράσινα νερά, σου αφήνει την καλύτερη εντύπωση και σε προετοιμάζει για μια αξεπέραστη απόδραση .

Valtos Beach

Valtos is famous for its sandy beach and is justly considered the diamond of Parga. It is the largest beach of Parga, with a coastline approaching 3 km. It is exactly below the impressive rock on which the castle of Parga is built, in the rear part.


Epirus manages to be a one-of-a-kind destination: an enviable combination of cultures and traditions, with a natural environment unique in Greece, and it never fails to surprise and delight its visitors. Epirus is located in the north-west corner of Greece and is an ideal travel destination all year round.

Camping Kalamitsi
Ionion Beach Class B
  • Mitikas , Preveza
  • Owner : Νikolaos Ζorzovilis
  • Tel: 2682041042
Camping Asterias
  • Camping
  • Kastrosikia zaloggo Preveza
  • Owner: Dim.Christakis
  • tel:(+30) 26820-54098/210-4003712
  • Fax: +30 26820-54098
  • Email:
Camping Korali
Camping Akrogiali
KOSMAS TOURS (Κosma Μαria S.) Preveza
  • Leoforos Eirinis 44, Preveza
  • Tour Operator
  • Tel: 2682024185
KARYATIS TRAVEL (Νota Polixeni Α.) Preveza
  • Salaminos, Preveza
  • Tour Operator
  • Tel: 6949225729
KISS TRAVEL (Pachidou Αthina D.) Preveza
  • Spiliadou 2, Preveza
  • Tour Operator
  • Tel: 2682023753
ALKYSSON TRAVEL CLUB – Κiprioteli Κatsarou Οlga, Preveza
  • Spiliadou 8 , Preveza
  • Tour Operator
  • Tel: 2682028224
daLUZ apart’hotel
  • Leoforos Irinis, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner : Preveza City
  • Tel: 2682089500
  • Email:
Dioni Boutique Hotel
Hotel Torini
  • Mandilara 1, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Melidi Elpida
  • Tel: 2684031219
Hotel Minos
  • 21is Octovriou, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Anatoliotakis Emmanouil
  • Tel: 2682028424
  • Email:
  • Νιcopoli, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner : Αkrivis Αristidis
  • Tel: 2682041463
Mitika Hotel
  • Mitikas, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Κiriakis Vasilios
  • Tel: 2682041247
  • Mitikas, preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner:Vasilios Mihalis
  • Tel: 6977948715
  • Email:
Margarona Royal Hotel
  • Αgiou Georgiou 19, Preveza 481 00, Greece
  • Class:4****
  • Owner: ΙΟΝΙΟΝ
  • Tel:2682022365
Hotel Kastro
  • Pantokratoras 18-22, Preveza 481 00, Greece
  • Class:2**
  • Owner: Peponi
  • Tel:2682026643
  • Kanali,Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Patsi
  • Tel: 2682051051
  • Kanali,Zaloggo, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner : Chasakis Vasilios
  • Tel: 2682052220
Hotel Kanali
Hotel Orizontas
  • Kastrosikia, Zaloggo, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Κitsantas Thomas
  • Tel: 2684052033
  • Email:
  • Kastrosikia, Zaloggo, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner : Pappa-Spyrou Archodoula, Paraskevas, Christos
  • Tel: 2682051501
Hotel Esperanza
  • Kanali,Zaloggo,Preveza
  • Class: 3***
  • Owner: Policarpos & Panagiotis Chalkidis
  • Tel: 2682051451
  • Agiou Panteleimonos 8, Kanalaki, Preveza
  • Class: 1*
  • Owner: Konstantinos Tzimas
  • Tel: 2684022241
Vrachos Beach Hotel
  • Paralia Vrachos, Ligia, Zaloggo
  • Class: 3***
  • Owner: Georgaki Paraskevi
  • Tel: 26820-56549
  • Paralia Vrachos, Ligia, Zaloggo
  • Class: 3***
  • Owner: Τzima Eleni
  • Tel: 26820-56510
  • Web:
  • Kanalaki,Preveza
  • Class: 1*
  • Owner: Adam Tzimas
  • Tel: 2684022128
Akti Kleopatra
  • Kastrosikia, Zaloggo, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner:tsatsis Eleutherios & Εvaggelia
  • Tel: 2682052722
Preveza Beach Hotel
  • Ligia, Zaloggo,Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Αrmiras Vasilios
  • Tel: 2682056517
Hotel Dimitra
  • Ligia, Zaloggo, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Νtouskas Ιosif
  • Tel: 2682056565
  • Ligia, Zaaloggo,Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Σoufis Αlexandros & Νtouska
  • Tel: 2682056124
  • Email:
Agios Thomas
  • Ligia, Zaloggo, Preveza
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Nikolaou konstantinos
  • Tel: 2682056327
Hotel Olympiada
  • Vrachos, Zaloggo, Preveza
  • Class: 3***
  • Owner: ΤsatsosPetros-Αnna- Irini-Paraskevi
  • Tel: 2682056577
  • Email:
  • Paralia Loutsas, Fanari, Parga
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Gotsis Dimitrios & Andrianna
  • Tel: 2682056111
  • Paralia Loutsas, Fanari, Parga
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Τsaloukas Ιoannis & Μatsaidoni Μaria
  • Tel: 2682056626
  • Email:
Anemelia Hotel Apartments
  • Beach Loutsa,Fanari
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Fleva - Theodoroglou Kleopatra
  • Tel: 2684056601
  • Email:
  • loutsa, Fanari, Parga
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner : Νastas Konstantinos
  • Tel: 2684041561
Achilleas Hotel
  • Loutsa, Fanari, Parga
  • Class: 2**
  • Owner: Vasiliou Achilleas
  • Tel: 2682056007

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