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Journey into culture Journey into culture Journey into culture Journey into culture Journey into culture Journey into culture Journey into culture Journey into culture

Journey into culture

Epirus, with its boundless natural beauty was always a vibrant part of Hellenic civilization. A journey here seems like a flight of fantasy, steeped in  history, in myths and legends, and traditions which come alive at every turn through its archaeological and historical sites, monuments, ancient artifacts, folkloric and modern museums with fascinating exhibitions. Even other forms of art, music, literature – as well as everyday customs and habits passed down from generationto generation and now the cultural heritage of the young, are all worthy of admiration by every visitor. Exceptional archaeological and historical sites like the ancient theater of Dodona with the Manteio (Oracle), Ancient Nicopolis, Cassope, Ancient Ambracia, the Nekromanteio of Acheronta, Ancient Gitanae, the settlement of Molosson, Ancient Orraon, the Roman Aqueduct, Ancient Elea, Ancient Fanotis, Ancient Elina, but castles as well – the castle of Ioannina, the castle of Arta, the Venetian castle at Parga, the Pantocrator in Preveza and the Souli  are only some of the destinations of significant historical interest which must not be missed, offering travelers visiting these destinations an unparalleled journey through time and history. The collections on display at the museums of Epirus, such as the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina, the Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis, the Archaeological Museum of Arta, the Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina, the Byzantine Museum of Arta include many finds, some very significant, some less so, all of which have come to light during archaeological excavations in various parts of Epirus. They offer a historical retrospective, presenting evidence of the settlements, the public and private life of the inhabitants in ancient times, their daily habits and religious customs.